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Backup MySQL to Amazon S3

May 31, 2016 Ronni Madsen

There are lots of ways to back up MySQL databases to Amazon S3. But if you need an easy and reliable solution with less worries, Backup Bird is the way to go.

Backup Bird automatically backs up your MySQL data in the selected intervals to your favorite cloud provider. In most cases this is Amazon S3, but we also have a lot of users backing up to Dropbox, Local NAS and FTP. Backup Bird can help back up MySQL to Amazon S3.

Backup Bird is created by developers, so we know how annoying it is to spend your time to validating backups. Backup Bird helps you ensure your backup always run as planned. We simply backup your server.

If you are  already using Backup Bird and are looking for a description on how to configure the Linux agent to backup MySQL to Amazon S3, you should take a look at the following articles

If you are using the Windows Agent, it has a built in description.

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Automatically back up MySQL databases to Amazon S3

Backup Bird automates the boring stuff, and keeps your inbox clear. We mail you a status of all your servers once a day or critically errors immediately. Backup Bird can be used for backing up most server data, but typically cases are:

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