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What information is logged by Backup Bird

May 31, 2016 Ronni Madsen

The Backup Bird agent runs on your server and generates its own encryption key pair to securely  communicate with the Backup Bird servers.

Any sensitive information you provide (such as a passwords etc.) is stored encrypted and can only be read by the Backup Bird servers and your Backup Bird account.

We are sending the following information to our servers:

  • Your server's time zone
  • Your server's CPU, Memory and IO usage
  • Path to Backup Destination (eg. Amazon S3, Dropbox etc.) (we can’t read the path. It’s only for your own User Experience)
  • Backup Settings

  • FAQ:

    Can Backup Bird see my databases and files.


    Can Backup Bird see my passwords

    No, we cannot see any of your password

    Do I need to allow Backup Bird in my firewall

    In most cases, this should not be necessary as Backup Bird only uses outbound rules. However, if you have restrictions on your outbound rules, we are communicating through port 80 to ip:

    What are the requirements to running Backup Bird?

    Right now we supports Linux in most distributions.

    During the backup the agent can use up to 300 MB of memory. If you have a small VPS with a low amount of memory, you can setup a swap file:

    The Windows Agent can be downloaded here

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