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[deprecated] How to backup MongoDB on Linux

August 22, 2016 Anders Andersen

Note: This article is deprecated since version 1.6 of the Linux agent. But are still useful if running old versions and offline configuration. Regarding any information please contact the support on

The MongoDB exporter uses the buildin monogodump. That means your system needs to have mongodump installed. Run the following command on your system to install mongodump

sudo apt-get install -y mongodb-org-tools

When mongodump is install on the system, edit the config file on the server

sudo nano /etc/backupbird/conf.toml

Insert the following into the configuration file, and add your infomation. This will backup all databases and collections

driver = "mongodb"

The following settings are avaliable for mongodb

driver = "mongodb"
database = "" # Specific database. Dont insert for all databases
hostname = "" # Specifies a resolvable hostname
port = "" # Specifies the TCP port on which the MongoDB instance listens for client connections.
username = "" # Specifies a username with which to authenticate to a MongoDB database that uses authentication
password = "" # Specifies a password with which to authenticate to a MongoDB database that uses authentication. 

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